Monday, January 11, 2021

Sadlers Creek State Park west of Anderson, SC

Basic Information

Course Location: Sadlers Creek State Park
Geographic Location: west of Anderson, SC
Date Last Visited: December 2020
Number of Holes: 9 (but 6 holes with alternate tees and another 9 holes planned)
Course Length: 1746 feet, par 27
Cost to Play: $3 park entrance fee
Carts: usable, but terrain is a little rough
Potential to Lose Discs: low
Walkabout Video: (coming date TBD)

Driving Directions: From the park entrance, head to the park's pavilion by taking the second road exiting left.  Park near the picnic area restroom building at the loop at the end of this road.  The information kiosk (with course map) and #1 tee are located to the right of the picnic area restroom building.

Course Constructions:

Tees: 1 per hole; mostly dirt, but a couple are packed gravel or turf
Baskets: 1 per hole; yellow DISCatcher, and they are in great shape
Signage: information kiosk with course map at #1 tee; sign at every tee
Amenities: restrooms at #1 tee; a couple of benches; potable water at nearby picnic area in season

Summary Review: 3 Stars (out of 5)

The disc golf course at Sadlers Creek State Park is a short 9-hole recreational course.  I am a bad disc golfer, and I felt I had a chance at par on every hole.  6 holes have alternate tees, and another 9 holes are planned.  The course opened only in 2019, and some areas including the tee pads are still under construction.  The course features rolling terrain in a scenic lakeside setting.  6 holes are densely wooded with tight lines of play; 3 holes are more open.  Some holes play over or near an ADA-accessible walking path, but the path is lightly used.  I had no route-finding issues.  The course was well-maintained: the leaf litter had been raked up leaving a nice dirt fairway/walking trail.  Overall, I enjoyed my round here, although I can see why other players would want longer holes and better constructions.

Hole-by-Hole Review 

Distances taken from hole signs.  Picture sequence for each hole is 1) tee, 2) approach, 3) basket to tee

Hole #1: 212 feet, par 3
Comments: fairly open hole, slightly downhill and slight dogleg left.  A good throw with slight hyzer left would lead to a birdie opportunity.  The concrete walking path on the left probably should be OB, but I did not see it signed as such.  #2 tee is to the left by the concrete walking path.

Hole #2: 151 feet, par 3
Comments: short, nearly flat hole that transitions from open area to woods.  Narrow line of play when you get close to the basket.  #3 tee is again to the left by the concrete path.

Hole #3: 189 feet, par 3

Comments: short hole, but tight line of play with a slight dogleg left.  It will take a good throw to set up a birdie opportunity.  #4 tee is to the left and just across the concrete path.

Hole #4: 144 feet, par 3
Comments: the signature hole on this course.  The tight fairway plays over a shallow ravine, so the actual as-the-disc-flies distance is only just over 100 feet.  Watch for walkers on the concrete path in front of the basket.  #5 tee is up the hill behind the basket beside the park road.

Hole #5: 193 feet, par 3
Comments: tight line but fairly straight hole.  The park road on the left should probably be OB, but it is not signed as such.  #6 tee is behind the basket and to the left.

Hole #6: 227 feet, par 3
Comments: downhill hole with a tight line; possibly the hardest hole on this course.  #7 tee is to the left near the dirt walking trail.

Hole #7: 148 feet, par 3
Comments: dogleg right that is more open than some other holes due to the dirt walking path.  Watch for people walking on the path.  The basket is placed on a steep hill, which makes putting more challenging.  #8 tee is to the left.

Hole #8: 203 feet, par 3
Comments: Slight dogleg right; more open and therefore easier than the past few holes.  #9 tee is to the left at the edge of the woods.

Hole #9: 279 feet, par 3
Comments: The closing hole leaves the woods and plays across an open grassy area, so the hole's length is not as imposing as it appears.  Tee shot plays slightly downhill, but approach shot plays slightly uphill.  A couple of small trees in front of the basket force you to choose a line of approach carefully.

Sunday, December 13, 2020